Website design and website building

At Sober Consultants  LLC we strongly believe that a website is the cornerstone of an efficient digital presence. We specialize in providing website design and website building services for companies in the drug and alcohol industry.  We are ready to share with you the knowledge of our full stack digital team.   We know how to stand out and how to create high-performance websites that sell.  After your website is built, we offer full stack of digital presence services al carte or all inclusive packages of digital presence services with monthly fees. We are certified specialists in  SEO, local SEO, PPC (paid ads), SMM (social media marketing), EMM (email marketing) and online reputation improving services.

How we create websites at Sober Consultants?

Our websites are always a result of professional teamwork of the digital marketer, web designer, web developer, and SEO specialist.

Stage 1. The client starts working with a digital marketer who creates an idea of design layouts, based on the info s/he gets about the business. The main idea at this stage is to find the right visual model to highlight the companies strengths without misleading and to achieve the right user experience (UX).   We need a client’s decision-maker to be involved at this stage and provide specific, honest, and detailed info regarding the business model. products, services, area of service, and customers’ specific features we can target.

Stage2.  Our Marketer works with a Webdesigner on the mockups of each page of your future website.

Stage 3. The client gets static mockups for revision. We need a client’s decision-maker to be involved at this stage.

Stage4. After the client’s approval of the static mockups,  the web developer works with the marketer and designer to make your website live.

Stage 5. The client gets his website live. We need a client’s decision-maker and the client’s team to be involved at this stage to check the proper working of all functions of the website.

Our aim is to provide the website which is great from:

  • Back end perspective. The search engines’ crawlers should consider your website as a reliable and trustworthy source and rank it high. This is the responsibility of our web developers and SEO specialists
  • Front end perspective. Potential clients should like your website from an ecstatic standpoint. We cannot deny that customer makes decisions emotionally even more often than they make decisions logically.
  • From a user experience perspective (UX). It should be easy for prosper to solve his problem in not more than 2 clicks. Your website should be useful, mobile-friendly, and load in a blink of the eye.

We always build websites from scratch. If you go with us your website will be 100% custom coded and built for your business’  personal theme.