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How do I Know That my Kid is on Drugs? 
Substance abuse treatment plan. What to expect?

Forming a Successful Substance Abuse Treatment Plan
Addiction is a dangerous disease that negatively impacts millions of people every day. Untreated, it has the capacity to lead to serious illness and eventual death. If you are one of many Americans who is struggling with addiction, you are not alone, and there is help. A crucial part of successfully treating addiction is forming a treatment plan that helps addicts to modify their lifestyle and find sobriety in a way that works with their unique needs and mindset. The first step to doing this is to understand the basics of treatment plans.

Addiction is one of the most brutal “secret” diseases in America. Over 20 million Americans over age 12 report having an addiction to something other than cigarettes. Overdose deaths have tripled over the course of the past two decades, with a devastating 100 people losing their lives to this tragic battle daily. 2.6 million addicts report being dependent both on illegal drugs and alcohol, a comorbidity that sharply increases their risk of serious illness and death. Even more upsetting is the fact that over 90% of addicted people report that their addiction began before they were legal adults. When an illness is so widespread and its sufferers so diverse, the need for individualized treatment plans becomes clear.

Where Is The Line Between Substance Use, Abuse, Dependency And Addiction?
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