Business process optimization

Which EHR or Call center software to choose, are the right team members in place?   Let us streamline, optimize and create new revenue.

john moriarty-sober-consultants, llc

John Moriarty III, Sober Consultants, LLC

You want to open a treatment center or outpatient clinic. Now What? Open already but you are failing to capture admissions, high AMA rate, UR is inefficient,

With our industry experience, we can assess your operations and team to find the cracks. No one wants to admit they are failing but in an industry where people’s lives are at stake we must look at our faults, Proven methods and solutions, Team skill building and corporate restructuring are all services we can provide. Improve your client care, improve your industry reputation and improve your bottom line. Custom packages are designed for your specific needs and budget. John personally gets involved in these projects.