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Our founder, John F. Moriarty III, entered into personal recovery from alcohol and drugs in October 2000. After 16 years in the corporate and financial services industry, he decided Wall st. wasn’t for him. At that time early in his own personal recovery fate played a part in his exposure to the addictions treatment industry. A friend he knew from his Wall St. career had started a detox facility in South Florida. In mid-2006 John went to work for his friend. He worked in all aspects of the addictions treatment field for that company, primarily in admissions and outreach.  After 2 years there he quickly moved into the role of marketing director and was part of a team that grew that one facility into 9 major private detoxes nationally. While in his role there, which spanned nearly 10 years, he was part of a team that grew revenues from 1.5 MM annually to in excess of 70 MM annually. In addition in that time, John has personally assisted thousands of individuals get into recovery. More importantly in the role of National Marketing Director, he established a database of treatment center providers, licensed clinicians and certified intervention professionals throughout the country. He quickly learned the quality care providers throughout the U.S. and has longstanding relationships with many of them today. Hence the creation of Sober Consultants.


In today’s environment, with the opiate epidemic, more people are being exposed to the need for drug and alcohol treatment than ever. With the resource of the internet at our fingertips choices for help are a click away.  But are they who you or your loved one need and are they reputable? The mystery as to who and why are here for you and your loved one. With thousands of contacts at his resource, John and our team can help you decide which is the best treatment path for you or your loved one. With different modalities today and different needs for each individual let us assist in what steps to take. Recovery from addiction is a journey of a lifetime. Whether you need a certified intervention professional, to find the right therapist, the right treatment facility or a recovery coach. We probably know one in your area and can assist. Schedule a free 20-minute consultation (option coming soon) or if you really need a lengthy discussion as to what are the next best steps,  we offer a 120 minute personal or family call (option coming soon) over the phone or face to face if available in your area for an additional cost. 

Since the inception of Sober Consultants in 2016, we have assisted those in need and have worked with many of the top certified intervention professionals, treatment center providers and private practitioners throughout the country. John has worked in corporate restructuring, marketing plan development, and digital marketing for many key players in the industry today. Our vast knowledge of the addictions treatment industry and personal recovery allow us to be a resource to all those in need.  Please read more information regarding our business consulting. We look forward to assisting you. John continues today to enjoy personal continuous recovery since 2000. He is constantly reviewing treatment providers throughout the country to assure he can recommend quality care for those in need. In addition, he enjoys golf and a good cigar from time to time.  Most importantly he enjoys spending time with his family in northern New Jersey and enjoying their life experiences.


12 years addictions industry experience. Personal recovery since October 2000. Intervention and Recovery Coach training, 26 years plus business, marketing development and sales experience. We have a solution for you!


Solutions for the individual seeking recovery, the loved ones seeking guidance and the treatment provider looking for current trends to provide the best care for their clients. We have an option for you.

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